Company Overview


Lone Mountain Mining Company, a New Mexico-based advanced stage exploration and development company, has 100% ownership rights to the magnetite and hematite iron ore minerals discovered on the our mining properties and is seeking to develop the mineralization in the Porphyry Belt on its property located on Lone Mountain and Baxter Mountain in Lincoln County, New Mexico. The Lone Mountain Mining Company acquired 100% rights to its properties mining claims through exchange of assets in 2009 with Lone Mountain Mining Company.


From the date of acquiring the mining properties Lone Mountain Mining Company has competed extensive research, compiled valuable data and compared conclusions of expert geologists of the United States Geological Survey agency which supports the high probability that the Yellow Rose Property has an above average chance of striking one or more deposits of quality and quantity reserves of Magnetite and Hematite mineral containing 60% and higher iron ore. And additional bonus of the possibility of gold, silver, copper, lead and minable REE deposits with in the reserves. Visit the written disclosure report 43-101 for details.





Magnetite Hematite Iron Ore